CCA Podcast #4 | Cryptic / Fallen Angels Club / Matchbox Cineclub / Seeds of Thought


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Welcome to the fourth episode of our new podcast series. Across this series, Gareth K Vile chats to some of the amazing people who make and contribute to our programme: from artists, curators and programmers, to community organisers and social clubs. We'll take a deep dive into exhibitions, gigs, performances and events - exploring the ideas and ethos that underpin our approach to programming and how you can get involved. In this episode: Artistic Director of Cryptic Cathie Boyd talks about peatland cultures and art-science collaborations, and what we can expect at Sonica this year; Kevin Morris of Fallen Angels Club muses on a decade of bringing Americana, folk and old country music to Glasgow ears; Megan and Sean from Matchbox Cineclub explain their ethos of cult films and cult audiences, their sliding scale for tickets and the thinking behind upcoming events Scalarama, Sing-along-SAW and Weird Weekend; Tawona Sithole discusses his long-running Seeds of Thought programme, the moment when you start to feel part of a place and where his passion for storytelling comes from. Cathie Boyd, Cryptic - (40s) Kevin Morris, Fallen Angels Club - (25m 20s) Megan Mitchell & Sean Welsh, Matchbox Cineclub (35m 43s) Tawona Sithole, Seeds of Thought (46m 45s) Thank you to everyone who took part and to Unclassed Media & Sunny Govan Community Radio.

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