CCA Podcast #5 | Chto Delat / Scottish Queer Int. Film Festival / Ando Glaso / Take One Action


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Welcome to the fifth episode of our new podcast series. Across this series, Gareth K Vile chats to some of the amazing people who make and contribute to our programme: from artists, curators and programmers, to community organisers and social clubs. We'll take a deep dive into exhibitions, gigs, performances and events - exploring the ideas and ethos that underpin our approach to programming and how you can get involved. In this episode: - We meet Dmitry Vilensky & Nikolay Oleynikov, two members of Russian art collective Chto Delat, whose collaboration emerged in a performative protest against the militarisation of St Petersburg; - Helen Wright discusses this year's Scottish Queer International Film Festival, which aims to address questions of religion, race and disability, while creating a welcoming space for queer people. - János Lang introduces Ando Glaso, an organisation celebrating Roma creativity and presence in Glasgow, and he describes how traveller communities have always been entertainers, picking up and transforming local cultures. - Tamara Van Strijthem & Kirsty Somerville offer their highlights of this year's Take One Action Film Festival, and talk about the need to balance hard issues with empowerment – inspiring people to take action in their communities. Dmitry Vilensky & Nikolay Oleynikov, Chto Delat - (47s) Helen Wright, SQIFF - (15m 39s) János Lang, Ando Glaso - (29m 28s) Tamara Van Strijthem & Kirsty Somerville, Take One Action - (37m 56s) Thank you to everyone who took part and to Unclassed Media & Sunny Govan Community Radio.

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