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The Centre for Hebraic Insights teaches classes and seminars on the following subjects: Shadows of the Messiah (How Jesus/Yeshua can be seen through the Old Testament documents as the foreshadowing of the Messiah Early Christian Communities- (An in-depth look at the people, places and documents that started the conversations about Christianity and its earliest beliefs and practices. Also included is the Canonization Process of the New Testament documents, how they came into being seen as "apostolic" and what books were eliminated out contention and why Kabbalah 101-An introductory series on Kabbalah and the Jewish Mysticism behind it. The material covers a very practical version of Kabbalah, that will give the participant simple practices and tools to become more centered on a flourishing spiritual existence. These are just the main core classes available-for further descriptions and preparing a program based on your unique interests and needs, contact us at rgclasses@outlook.com or call Dr. David Fournier at 719-309-8311 See Less

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