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PODCAST MOTTO: “Laughter is Medicine”!! …The After, After Party!! What is the @ChasingDominico PODCAST? It’s a One-Stop-Shop for Fun! …it’s The Rocky Horror Show of PODCASTS:) Every Podcast celebrates a Comedy Movie as it’s Theme with funny Audio Clips through out the Episode. @ChasingDominico PODCAST is a Will Ferrell’s fan Dream Come True with tons of Will Ferrell Quotes!! Fans of the Paranormal & the show Ghost Adventures will feel right at home! GAC Lockdowns are Pure Gold here! - In the show, we discuss Horror Movies, Documentaries, Empowerment & Facing Your Fears..called “Evolution-Revolution..Free Your Mind.” If you love Mythology, this is the Podcast for You. Each Podcast comes out on the Full Moon…for a reason. Every episode “D” and the Podcast Interns, blast off to “Planet Tolemac” where Demi-Gods are alive and well and everything is Free….Like “Rainbow Land”:) A magical planet where Fairies are alive and “Jack Fairy” is our Tour Guide. Like Dungeons and Dragons, you can be your Fantasy Alter Ego there, so you can emotionally experience what it feels like to be totally empowered and love who you are. Lots of laughs, Interactive Games with the listeners & anything else Silly!! So Jump On This Runaway Train…because Dominico is driving. Sounds Too Crazy?….that’s Right..But in a Good Way:) JUST PUSH PLAY & leave your troubles behind! Let’s Blast off to Planet Tolemac RIGHT NOW!!! :)

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