#141 Shaundle Pruitt : A Modern Day Poker Warrior


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In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of welcoming back Ignition poker sponsored streamer & one half of the PokerCoaching.com study stream dynamic duo Shaundle “Crazysixes” Pruitt.
Shaundle’s a long-time and accomplished MTT wizard who exudes confidence and has every reason to do so. He’s just one of those dudes who consistently does things the right way.
Whether it’s managing his volume battling on the green felt or keeping his game sharp through regular dedicated poker study, Shaundle is a modern-day poker warrior.
Some of the Greatness Bombs you’re about to greedily gobble up in this episode include:
- Secrets on managing your energy so that you can carve out time for doing the things that are the most important to you.
- Shaundle specific factors he considers when choosing your next poker coach.
- What your expectations ought to be on the student side of a private coaching arrangement.
- And much, MUCH more!
So without any further ado, I bring to you the one and only Shaundle “Crazysixes” Pruitt.
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