#150 Jerod Smith: Professional Grinder & Co-Host of The Grind Haus Podcast


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Today’s guest on the podcast is the co-host of The Grind Haus podcast along with past CPG guest Brian “The Golden Blazer” Frenzel, Tournament Poker Edge coach, Twitch streamer, and lawyer Jerod Smith.
Jerod is a natural born battler who mainly plays MTTs but has been dipping his toe into my favorite waters, the cash game streets.
The post-lockdown MTT grind has been going well for Mr. Smith, as in April he had his biggest score to date in a $545 event at the Wynn for $62k.
Jerod is one of my favorite people to have on CPG because, as his rabid fan base on Twitch will attest, dude just calls it like he sees it which is one of the characteristics I most value in my fellow man.
In today’s show you’re going to learn:
- Why sometimes shutting yourself off from human interaction when you’re at the poker table is necessary.
- Inside stories about life in the Grind Haus.
- Why Jerod has been incorporating more cash game play into his poker schedule.
- And much, much more!
So, without any further ado, I bring to you a professional poker play, coach, and podcast host Jerod Smith.
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