Dilip D’Souza: Corona Times Mumbai and Other Mathematical Equations


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If you told me while I was visiting Mumbai some years ago, that in 2020 a city of 20 million people would have deserted streets and closed restaurants, I would have argued that such a thing is simply not possible. Yet here we are. Mumbai, like the rest of India, is self-isolating and battening down the hatches for what is sure to be a very difficult battle with Covid-19.

The award winning writer and journalist Dilip D’Souza is experiencing this hard-to-believe reality first hand from his living room, and he joins us today to talk about life, math, and other possibly virus inspired things to consider about humanity.


1. Dilip D'Souza: Corona Times Mumbai and Other Mathematical Equations (00:00:00)

2. Dilip in Mumbai (00:01:01)

3. TB Connection? (00:17:29)

4. Government Initiatives? (00:29:40)

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