How to talk to students about 9/11


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Not long after the start of each school year, an important topic comes up, September 11th. For some teachers, it can be challenging to figure out how to discuss such a tragic day in American history with students.

In Episode 228, we invited Jan Helson to give us some guidance. Helson is the Co-founder and Board Chair of Global Game Changers, a 501(c)3 organization that provides social-emotional learning, character, and leadership development programs.

Furthermore, Global Game Changers offers educators a specific curriculum for teaching about 9/11.

In this episode, Helson discusses…

  • Teaching 9/11 to children in an age-appropriate fashion is critical.
  • Whether or not it’s OK to interject your memories of that day.
  • How to direct focus on the real-life heroes who emerged.

Listen to Episode 228 of the Class Dismissed Podcast to hear our discussion with Helson. You can find the latest episode of the Class Dismissed Podcast on your favorite podcast app or iTunes.

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