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Welcome to a podcast hosted by unemployable fourth-rate advertising suit Steve Cooke and eminently-employable award-winning advertising creative and TV commercial director Tony Williams (no not that one - the other one).

Each week, in an attempt to transport ourselves back to a world where there was no global plague, we all had expense accounts and white dogshit was still a thing, we review a classic TV ad and try to work out whether or not it was any good. We're already attracting some great reviews...

"WTF is this shit?" - Sir John Hegarty

"I f*cking hate these people..." - Unnamed bread brand marketing director

"Why do they think my name is so funny?" - Award-winning TV commercial director Tom Kuntz

"This podcast is brilliant, I'm going to tell all my friends about it..." - Tony Williams' Mum

"I'm going to sue these dickheads..." - INSERT NAME HERE

"Everyone loves the Hovis ad, WTF is wrong with you c*nts..." - Sir Ridley Scott

"I was brilliant in that ad..." - Ray Wilkins

"Eccellente." - Colonel Dietrich from Raiders of the Lost Ark

"Both these blokes use lady-scented body wash..." - Isaiah Mustapha

"Lovely boys. I knew their parents you know. Well worth a listen." - Clarence Frank Birdseye II

"The mark 2 Ford Transit is basically exactly the same as the original 1965 version except it has square headlights. Don't edit that out you wanker." - Tony Williams

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