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Communication is your most powerful tool to create the impact you desire. How can you start fully using this power to your advantage? In the Communication Charm podcast, you will discover the best strategies to help you stand out and shine in every interaction.•The episodes are short and sweet so you can apply what you learn immediately.•Learn how to influence, pitch yourself, negotiate, create charisma, and executive presence among other skills. Explore topics like business communication, interpersonal skills, public speaking, writing, feedback, listening, empathy, body language, positive communication.•Connect better with your business partners, friends, family. You will always create a positive experience and make a lasting impression. I am your host Johny K. In my career as a communication strategist and coach, I have seen many people who were doing amazing things, but they were not seen because they didn’t know how to present their successes. I made it my mission to help them create a winning communication strategy and boost their confidence. Everyone can be a great communicator if they know how to do it. Communication is the door to a whole new world of opportunities, connections, and fulfilling life. Will you open that door? Hit subscribe!

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