Learning to be a Medical Chaplain During a Pandemic-Robin Joo


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On our 2nd Episode I interview Chaplain Robin Joo who is currently a fellow in Medical Spiritual Counseling at UCSF. Originally a Long Beach native, Robin Joo moved to West Covina, CA upon graduating St. Patrick's Seminary & University with an M.A., M. Div., and S.T.B. in Moral Theology and Eschatology. Robin also completed his undergraduate studies at U.C. Riverside with an emphasis in Business Administration. He is an instituted Acolyte of the Roman Catholic Church and serves the greater community as a medical chaplain and spiritual counselor. As a medical chaplain, he has served in four hospitals which includes work in fields of acute care, oncology, palliative care, hospice, home-health, cardiothoracic vascular transplant (CVT) and bioethics. He was once discerning the call to priesthood but has since decided to be a lay interfaith chaplain with an openness to marriage. He was a professional sports-fisherman/guide prior to entering the seminary and his hobbies include football, fishing, hunting, Olympic archery, playing chess and reading books on cosmology and astrophysics. He finds meaning through serving others and sharing in the beauty of life amidst human complexities and life's challenges.

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