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A podcast for TV fans of all types! Nothing beats relaxing on the couch and turning on the boob tube. We're avid television watchers, and we're here to appreciate the unique, long form storytelling of TV, as we get engrossed in characters, plot lines, and events of many shows and programs (and types and genres of those shows and programs). Here at CPU!, we are not about hyper-analysis of each episode. We are reacting as TV fans would react, for better or for worse, about whole seasons, half seasons, special event episodes, or even entire runs of shows. We sit "around the water cooler" to talk new TV, Look Back at shows of yesteryear, and have series covering our favorites in more detail. Couch Potatoes Unite! is hosted (as a blog and podcast) at Also, find us on Facebook, Twitter (@cpupodcast), Instagram (@couchpotatoesunite), and Pinterest (@cpupodcast). Come join us around the Water Cooler. Maybe we'll be chatting about one of YOUR favorite shows.

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