MIFF 2019 Episode 3 - The Lodge, Your Face, End of the Century, And Then We Danced and more


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The “We’ll add ten per cent onto the price so we can give a ten per cent discount to members” edition. Before MIFF-fatigue sets in, before the endings get spoiled and while the weather is still wintry, join us in the midst of the bustle of the Capitol Salon, for a rundown of some of the most enthused-about films in the Melbourne International Film Festival… 02:45 - The Lodge [SPOILER WARNING - we do discuss this particular ending, for good reason] 15:05 - End of the Century 21:14 - The Wild Goose Lake 25:22 - Your Face 29:52 - The Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains 33:36 - And Then We Danced 38:07 - Sequin in a Blue Room 40:53 - Happy New Year, Colin Burstead Find Us: @ TheCultCapPod and Cultural Capital Podcast

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