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Cup of Tao Season 4 Episode 8 - Daily MindfulnessHosted by Chris L McClishIn this episode: I talk about the importance of mindfulness practice on a daily basis in order to be able to do a healthy detachment from some destructive thinking. After discussing this, I take a short break and then talk on a more personal level. Cup of Tao is a production of CoachCMC LLC – and is on the web at https://cupoftao.com. Also visit Chris McClish's website! www.chrismcclish.comFor sponsorship information, also visit chrismcclish.com. Social Media: I'm on Twitter @coachcmc. This podcast is now on Twitter @cupoftao. Support the show: Please support the show - become a patron: https://patreon.com/chrismcclish.You can also make a donation to support my shows, visit https://paypal.me/coachcmc For members only exclusive episodes and to dive deeper, visit my exclusive members only show on Podfan. Only $5 per month membership is all it takes to hear my new show, Sips from the Cup at Podfan. The show can be found at https://pod.fan/cup Don't forget to purchase my book!: Accepting Life On Life's Terms: Taoist Psychology for Today's Uncertain Times Available where you buy print or digital books! Do you love my podcast? You will love the book! Buy it and please review it!Audiobook version is now available at most audiobook retailers! Start your own podcast, do it with the best podcast host, go with Transistor.fm Use my affiliate link and get a 14 day trial, visit https://transistor.fm/?via=chris-mcclish See the show description for additional information and disclaimers. Also check out my new show (unrelated to Taoism) called That's so cool! Available most places that you hear podcasts!
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