Episode 005: Erin Fletcher


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Erin Fletcher is a bookbinder from Boston Massachusetts. She focuses on unique bindings that incorporate fiber arts in books that have text. She splits her time between working for clients and creating unique works of art for exhibitions. She expands on traditional and experimental materials, and their efficacy. A graduate of North Bennet Street school, she is grateful to the community she gained while learning her trade. She loves that she can express herself with design bindings and hopes to see them more represented in the worlds of both art and craft.

To see more of Erin’s work ,visit her website www.herringbonebindery.com or check out her instagram @herringbonebindery.

Erin’s Craft Crushes include Rose Adler, Sybil Pye, Coleen Curry, Sue Doggett, Hannah Brown, Annette Friedrich, and Sheila Hicks.

Some bookbinding-related resources from the episode are North Bennet Street School and Philobiblon.

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