Episode 020: Erica Moody


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Recorded January 18, 2021.

Metalsmith Erica Moody introduces us to her first experiences with setting goals, financial stress, large projects and the behind the scenes effort that goes into building a business. In a moment of life’s intensity she pivoted toward her current style of work by coming around to her place as a maker in Maine. She specializes in creating fine metal wares such as utensils and even custom architectural hardware, furniture, and marine hardware. And, rumor has it, she’s making bespoke mixers and plans to take over the KitchenAid empire one beater at a time. There are plenty of satisfying ingredients in this episode: a sprinkle of philosophy, a dash of laughter and a solid base note of good intention.

To find more of Erica's work check out her website www.ericamoody.com and find her on Instagram @ericaemoody.

Erica’s craft crushes are: Will Manning.

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