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We’ve been mindless Degrassi fans since Drake was wheeling around at the bottom. We were there when James Tiberius Yorke was unjustly stabbed, we remember when we had to illegally download Manny’s abortion episode because American audiences apparently weren’t mature enough. We know exactly when we finally respected Darcy Edwards. We talked for years about when Degrassi would tackle a heart wrenching suicide storyline; we just weren’t ready for it to be Campbell. Unlike some others we’ve also found ourselves fans of this show since the truest of Next Gen, back in 2002. That’s fourteen years of intense dedication. Quite simply we’ve grown up with this show. Sure, we might be in our twenties now, but we still get as excited about it as we did when we were just little girls. Who are we, and why has it taken us this long to finally realize that we can actually share our views and opinions with others? We don’t really know either as to why it has taken us this long, but I guess better late than never. Right? Well, we’re Bayleigh Von Schneider and Caroline Orlin. Our story? We first met when we were junior high age and we took karate class together, little did we both know then that we shared a love for Canadian high school drama. Our Degrassi devotion and the true blossom of our friendship came when we took Chemistry class together in high school. The rest as they say is history.

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