Chris Lee: 8-Figure Quarterback of Life


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Chris Lee is an 8-figure business owner, entrepreneur, mentor and coach. He built an 8 figure solar company generating over $25 million in sales in just 12 short months by using Clickfunnels and Facebook marketing. His massive results earned him his 2 Comma Club and 2 Comma Club X Awards.

At 34-years old, Chris is considered one of the brightest minds in home-service marketing. He has grown and sold off several home-service companies in the automation, pest control, alarm, and solar industries. His two most recent start-ups have both grown to 8-Figures within their first 10 months of business.

In this podcast, he talks about his humble beginnings, when his first business was one misfortune after the other. Later, he discovered “the reason door knocking works” and why he could charge premium prices using education marketing .

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