Colin Bartol(@colin_bartol): Big Data in Health Care, Tricare West, DataScience Project Affinity


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Colin Bartol has led a team that built 46% of the servers for Tricare West which covers 2.6 million people for the military which required security for NIST, PCI, and HIPPA. He has his MBA from Carlson school of management, CISSP, and is a SME for the CompTIA Project+ exam. Having been a consultant at 5 Fortune 100 companies in e-commerce, financial services, and retail sectors Colin has a wide experience of what happens in information technology. He is currently employed in telecommunications at a major health insurance company. Interviewers: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Discussion: - Your background is largely in computer security infrastructure... Tell us about your Data Science related experience? We would like to hear about Affinity project - What is Data Lake? How have you utilized it? - I noticed UHG is hiring Big Data experts like crazy... Are you involved in similar project in your department? - We are interested in learning about Tricare West - As it relates to computer Security, what tips or recommendations do you have on securing data and infrastructure in general? and Social media presence Music:

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