Constantine Kokkinos aka CK (@mobileck): PowerShell Guru on, SQLPass precon & some tips


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Constantine Kokkinos currently works as a DevOps DBA with a deep focus on performance tuning TSQL; nonetheless his first love will always be the *nix ecosystem. His primary side hustle is the dbatools project where he works on bug fixing, git support, testing, and helping newcomers jump start their contributions, wherever they need help. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Agenda: - You're presenting this year at PASS precon. PASS stands for "Professional Association of SQL Server". It must be really exciting to present there. Is this the first time you're presenting there or have you done it before? Tell us more about the topic you're presenting, the venue, and culture over there... - PowerShell reminds me of the unix Bash Shell, Korn shell during the years in university. In the early years, open source and commercial platforms would be diametrically opposed to each other. However, the current trend appears to be that commercial platforms are adopting more open source projects and vice versa. Is that fair to say? What has been your experience with this regard. - Can you break down the evolution of various iteration of PowerShell in SQL Server? Which releases brought about the most significant changes? - To those of us who are unaware of the DBA role, DBA is some one who administers one or more Databases or Servers or DataCenters. Let's say I am a DBA who is afraid of command prompt or powershell. Teach me some basics... - You are involved with community driven open source project called DBATools? What can you do with it? How did you get involved? Any new updates coming out from that team? - Where do you blog or tweet? How can our listeners connect with you? Music:

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