Ruben Kogel (@chilicondata): Most Utilized Algorithms in Data Science, AI & More...


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Ruben is head of data at VSCO, a creative platform and a community of expression. His focus is on designing the data strategy, understanding user behavior, and designing metrics for the entire organization. Prior to VSCO, Ruben was the head of Content Analytics at Udemy. And before that he had a completely different career developing and troubleshooting chip manufacturing technology. Ruben’s interests span statistics, machine learning, economics, and photography. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Agenda: - In your role, You're in charge of Data Governance at VSCO... Would you like to elaborate on that? - According to Gregory's article in KDNuggets, top 3 most heavily used Data Science algorithms were Regression, Clustering, Decision Trees. In your projects, how useful were they? - What are some of your favorite KDNuggets like online resources, where you find good code samples, articles, podcasts etc? - Are you applying evolving branches of Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Reinforced Learning in your organization? - Many people are aware of Instagram... How is VSCO more unique compared to that platform? - Now, on to some art related question... Are you a portrait, landscape, or travel photographer? Or do you experiment with different techniques? - Please tell us where we can find you in social media? Music:

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