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Varun Bhartia is the cofounder of an online learning platform for computer science students around the world - helping students connect with each other and with the best career opportunities. He has spend his entire career working in technology NASA, Microsoft, Facebook, and Uber. He has an undergraduate degree from the university of arizona and an mba from Harvard. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Agenda: RB - You have served some of the most interesting and awesome organizations... As a product manager, what is the most valuable lesson you have learned? SB - Recently, you left Uber to launch a startup venture called Beehyve so that college students can utilize it as a portal to find exams and homework from prior years... I can see why students would love it... If they can predict the questions on the next test, it'll definitely add value in their academic career. On the other hand, Don't you think professor would hate this idea if they had to do additional homework on coming up with unique test each year? Won't that add risk to your venture? How did you go about critically analyzing all the risk and benefits? What's your vision behind it? RB - I understand you are working on a Data Vertical. How do you plan to achieve it? Is Cloud computing or Big Data involved in any way? SB - Lately, IoT is getting similar kind of positive attention Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Big Data part of the world are receiving? Weren't you involved in an IoT competition in Minnesota? Can you tell us your thoughts on it? RB - How do we connect with you in Twitter, LinkedIn or Blog? Music:

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