Learn the Framework for Growth Hacking Early-Stage SaaS Companies with Sid Bharah, the Former VP of Growth at Thinkific


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Sid Bharath is a marketer and previously the VP of Growth at Thinkific, an online course platform that he’s helped grow to the leader in the industry. He’s also a marketing consultant and has worked with other software companies to help them grow. In this episode, David and Sid discover his 5 step framework that Sid uses to start the growth marketing process for any Early-Stage startup and how they use an ROI calculator to determine their first marketing steps

  • 00:10 - Sid's Journey into Growth Hacking
  • 04:40 - The Thinkific Fast Growth Experience
  • 07:55 - Best Channel, Swap Partnerships and Influencers
  • 09:20 - The System to Identify The Best Channel To Invest
  • 12:30 - Listening to Customer Support for Customer Feedback
  • 14:20 - Collecting Data to Choose Best Customer to Focus On
  • 18:00 - 5 Step Framework for Growth Hacking: Customer Persona,
    Customer Journey (Problem Unaware > Problem Aware > Solution Aware >
    Product Aware > Decision > Retention), Trigger Points Prioritization,
    Testing, Scaling The Channel That Works
  • 29:45 - Big Failure Lesson: Focusing
  • 35:15 - Sid's Why: A Fascination With Technology
  • 36:50 - Quick Fire Questions

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