Ryan Frederick of AWH: Troubleshooting Common Product Design Mistakes


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It’s human nature to want to solve problems as soon as they come into view — no matter if the problem is worth your efforts in the first place. We’re also wired to think a complex problem warrants an equally complex solution.

However, we sometimes need to work to overcome this human nature during the product design process. Don’t fall prey to confirmation bias because of an impulse to prove your idea right or get something done quickly. Unbiased user research, an expert view of the problem, and simple solutions are key for developers.

In this episode, host J Cornelius and guest Ryan Frederick discuss how to make better, smarter design choices by analyzing common mistakes developers make on the path to their finished product.

Topics Include

  • Why unsuccessful products still make it to market
  • How solving low value problems leads to low value solutions
  • Why complex problems call for simplicity and elegance, not complexity

About Ryan Frederick

Ryan Frederick is currently the Principal of AWH, a product and data consulting firm. He has been an integral part of starting and growing several software and service companies, seeing these companies through from inception to sustainability. Originally a developer, Ryan’s experience is at the unique and advantageous intersection of business acumen and technical knowledge.

Ryan is the author of The Founder’s Manual: A Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. He also authored the forthcoming book, Sell Naked - And Other Advice for Growing and Managing Service Firms.

An active angel investor, Ryan mentors and advises entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as corporate innovation leaders. He also launched a non-profit workforce development program, i.c.stars, to train under-employed adults on digital skills.

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