124 The Four types of Toxic Bosses


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Every workplace has the potential to become toxic. When you get different personalities together and stressful situations crop up, dysfunctional coping mechanisms kick in. With a strong leader, these situations can be successfully navigated and addressed.

When the boss is the Toxic component in your workplaces it leads to a sort of dysfunctional trickle down that impacts the way the employees interact with one another.

In this episode, we dive into these toxic traits and what to do about it. Knowledge is power.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Why high-stress fields are uniquely susceptible
  • Why high-stress fields are impacted by dysfunctional communication
  • What are the four types of toxic bosses
  • When these traits are functional and when they are not
  • How emotional manipulation plays out
  • Micromanaging
  • The Martyr
  • Everybody’s best friend
  • The Avoider
  • Conflict Personality Types
  • Active and passive displays of toxicity
  • How to navigate toxic bosses
  • Why naming it is the first step

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