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In this podcast, we chat to Christian Easterday, Managing Director of Hot Chili Ltd, an ASX-listed Australian mineral exploration company, well-advanced in developing its portfolio of copper projects on the coastal range in Region III, Chile.

With impressive recent results, we chat about the company's Cortadera project and the possibility of turning it into a Tier 1 asset due to the discoveries that have been made. We talk about the widely publicised lack of new large-scale copper developments in the world, and how Hot Chili’s projects stack up against other developments and recent major discoveries.


  • Hot Chili was listed on the ASX back in 2010, and saw great success through the results gained by their flagship project near Santiago.
  • Since developing the Cortadera project, Hot Chili have seen huge exponential growth on site. The scale of the project, and the rewards found so far, have amazed the company, and exceeded expectations.
  • Hot Chili are heading a very narrow field of companies who have made significant discoveries over recent years; discoveries which have led to a firm foothold in the industry, and which have led to heightened prosperity.
  • Copper is a very deep market. Projects that deal in copper are becoming more rare, are more difficult to find. The industry has responded by investing more into copper identification, and to seek that next, elusive Tier 1 copper find…
  • Copper is the “green metal” of the future. It is the centre of electrification, and in turn, the centre of the renewables industry. It is a resource that will be talked about more and more in the coming years.


‘You show your resilience when you go through nuclear winters'

‘We ended the years as one of the highest-performing ASX companies’

‘What we have at the moment is certainly a lot bigger than we thought’

’That external environment on copper price becomes less important’

‘Copper is on everyone’s shopping list’


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