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Every week we introduce you to an event in American History, policy, and media, then discuss how that historical event impacts the socio-political issues America faces today. We give you The Dig on US History and offer political commentary and opinion, as well as discussion of current news from Progressive perspectives. DoA is an apparent propaganda arm of The Deep State. Probably financed in some way by George Soros, The Clinton Foundation, Jay-Z, maybe even Joe Rogan. Get the Dig with Big Hass, Dutch, Attorney Anna and Mikey as we explore current events in the good ol' USA, with a few pop-culture sprinkles along the way. We interview great guests covering all sides of tough topics from policy to systemic racism to the social messages in film and sports, as well as constitutional issues protected within the Bill of Rights and the history of injustice in America, no matter who's fault it is. You might even get a little smoke in your eye! When you don't know your history, you're doomed to repeat it. Facts don't care about your feelings, right? Criticizing America when she is wrong does not mean you hate America, it means you love her enough to want her to be better. Join us weekly and check out the live stream on YouTube and Twitch. Find the youtube at www.youtube.com/DigOnAmerica or Follow us on Twitter @DigOnAmerica or online at www.DigOnAmerica.com This Independent Podcast is brought to you by Big Heads Media. A new home for Progressive Values!

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