Meet Virginia Earl -Clairvoyant Medium and Certified Akashic Records Consultant


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Virginia was born in Uruguay and has three siblings, one sister in L.A., another in Maine and a brother in Barcelona. Virginia lives inSouthernCA with her daughter and their dog called Chaos. She enjoys cooking gourmet meals, loves to travel, and to go out for dinner. Her other favorite things are the ocean, movies, writing, Port Wine and dark chocolate. Virginia graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in journalism and since has worked for major publishing houses traveling overseas to interview CEOs as far away as the Amazon. She has worked as a writer for trade journals in the environmental, fashion, food and beverage industries, among others. In 1995, she started her first business, Translations Unlimited South America, which till this day provides translations services from English into European, Asian and South American languages. Virginia speaks Spanish and Portuguese but most of her translation work is handled by a staff of freelancers. After traveling to South America in 2014 and to Asia the following year, she opened her second business, Seven Mystic Rings in Old Town Temecula. But she deals wth clinents worldwide as well. Today, she is also an editor for a news agency in New York and is in the process of finishing up her first book. Virginia Earl is a gifted psychic. She is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, a Medium, a Certified Reiki Master and the owner of Seven Mystic Rings in Old Town Temecula, California. Her spiritual journey began when she was very young. It is her compassion, kindness and loving heart combined with her spiritual talents that she is able to help her clients identify blockages, as well as belief systems and behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. She can be reached at 951-551-4566, website

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