Does Prince Harry Know Who Trisha Paytas Is? (feat. Sweaty Oracle)


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After months of speculation that the Palace was soft-launching the Queen’s death, Brittany and Ej break the news, Newsroom-style, that Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the tender age of 96….only to be replaced by her son, a boiled lunchroom carrot who secretly dreams of becoming a Horse Girl’s tampon. This week on DLTF, we talk Queen group threads and death memes (including one featuring a famously very pregnant influencer), the surprisingly inspiring (if not gross) love story of Charles and Camilla, racists pants-shitting over Halle Bailey’s casting in The Little Mermaid, and Martha Stewart’s incredibly horny Green Mountain Coffee sponcon. Feat. Sweaty Oracle, the Broadway DeuxMoi, to spill the tea on Lea Michele’s Funny Girl debut (why were there so many cameras in the audience on opening night???) and the real divas in the FG cast. Links referenced in this episode:


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