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When did we lose our dope factor? We went from being kids who wore bright, flashy (hideous) outfits and confidently danced like no one was watching to adults who feel like we have to fit ourselves into stuffy boxes. What gives?? That dopeness is still inside all of us, waiting to be set free with permission to laugh at objectively bad jokes and believe whatever the hell we want to believe. If only there was someone here to give it... Meet Andrea Levoff, licensed spirituality coach, Chicago-based comedian, fashion influencer, dance party advocate and self-proclaimed DOPE ASS MOM. Andrea helps grownups all over the world find more joy and authenticity in adulthood, parenthood, and anything-they’re-going-through-hood. Because she believes life is too short to take yourself too seriously. On the Dope Ass Podcast, Andrea and her roster of hilarious, inspirational, and always-opinionated guests are tackling everything from motherhood to fashion to travel and spirituality---with a seriously dope ass lens. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more about your dope ass host and her mission to make everyone see the world through hot pink-colored glasses at

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