Ep 013: Digital Detoxing + 5 Best Practices with Karen Christensen


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Today on the Podcast: A Peek into How I Got My Time Back in 2017

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling drained, or maybe even defeated, by all the digital rabbit holes (Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and List Building and Sales Funnels and the million other Digital Marketing Strategies that you and I “should” be doing), then this is the episode for us both.

Let's talk about something that’s been coming up within the Dreamcatchers District community over coaching, I’ve even seen it online over Instagram and definitely with my own colleagues, clients, and friends.

And that is this feeling of bombardment; this craving for less. Less consumption, less distraction, less competition.

The Question We Gotta Ask Ourselves ...

A few weeks ago, over Instagram, I posted some questions. I asked, "What's the #1 thing on your 'Stop Doing' list?" And, wouldn’t you know, nearly across the board, folks said some version of these two sentiments. They either said: 1) “I need to stop comparing myself” or 2) "I need to stop doubting myself."

In another poll, where I asked, "Who needs a Digital Detox Retreat?" A whopping 83% of all-ya'll voted, "YAS! Unplug ME, Pleassse!" Clearly, there's a connection.

Now, the answer is not to abandon all our strategic marketing efforts. Nor is it, necessarily, to have to getaway for a weekend detox planning retreat (but we'd love to have ya!). The invitation is to get conscious. And to remember you get to choose how you engage with it all.

In this Episode We Talk About:

• The 5 best biz decisions I made in 2017

• How I got my guilt-free time back

• The link between comparison and self-doubt

• Why we ALL need a Digital Detox Day (or Planning Retreat)

• Why setting boundaries doesn't make you bad

• How I kicked FOMO to the curve

• The importance of separating "home" and "work"

• What Ayurveda, Peak Performance, and Neuroscience say are the most important hours of the day

• The questions to ask yourself before, during, and after going "online"

Get Ready to Hear All The Behind-The-Scenes Stories & Insights.

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• Look For Future Episodes: Topics on Morning and Evening Rituals coming up!

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