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No matter what industry you’re in, knowing how to sell can determine if your business is either thriving or surviving. No one understands sales better than Daniel Guargana, the founder of “The Sales Academy”. Daniel explains that if you truly want to up-level your sales game, you’ve got to be willing to bring your most authentic and bold self to the table, and be ready to own what you have to offer others!

  • The development of Daniel’s agency
  • How Daniel shows thought leaders how to let go of their ego
  • The importance of having a strong operational foundation for your business
  • 3 Skills Daniel looks for when hiring closers
  • Why Daniel believes energy is the most important thing in business
  • Why it’s necessary to understand the difference between pressure and urgency
  • What it means to have a hunter vs. hunted mentality
  • The power of being YOU, being honest, and being relatable
  • The value of realizing not everyone has to buy from you
  • How Daniel handles bad habits in his coaching program

Daniel G has years of experience in the B2B market. After finding success selling medical devices, he realized the value of his sales skills and created his own university focused solely on how to close high-ticket deals. Daniel now outsources his personally-trained and certified closers to thought leaders, coaches, and consultants looking to increase their sales.

Powerful Quotes to Remember:

  • “Why draw in life when you can trace? A wise person learns from other people’s mistakes.”
  • “There’s a lot of wrong information in the market so the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn is #1.”
  • “You are never more excited selling your program than the person buying it.”
  • “Find out where your buyer’s at. Find out where they want to go, and your job is to find the pain that keeps them up at night and solve that gap—from point A to point B.”
  • “Become the hunted and not the hunter.”
  • “The easiest thing in sales is just be YOU. You will vibe out with the right people in life.”
  • “When it comes to building your version of how you sell, that’s the place where you want to draw instead of trace—in the sense of making it your own.”
  • “You should be focusing more on coming out of your own shell instead of crawling into someone else’s.”

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