EP69: Mackenzie Puricelli - From Binge Eating to Living Balanced


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Whether you’re trying to show up strong for your business, your relationships, or even just for yourself, it can be extremely challenging to admit you need help. Mackenzie Puricelli is living proof that acknowledging you need support is a sign of strength and can help create the balance that works for you!

  • Why Mackenzie focuses on internal growth with her clients
  • How prioritizing her mental health helped Mackenzie overcome her eating disorder
  • The power of realizing you need a strong support system
  • Why it’s important to remember your passion and to be aware of The “Bell Curve” of your journey
  • The value of open communication and understanding balance is different for everyone
  • Why you should acknowledge your struggles and share your story
  • The difference between taking things one step at a time vs. going all in
  • The impact of recognizing and trusting your inner strength

Powerful Quotes to Remember:

  • “You grow through what you go through.”
  • “I always want someone to make a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix.”
  • “Just because you’re getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak.”
  • “It’s really about finding what balance means for you.”
  • “Sweeping things under the rug doesn’t get rid of it, it just gives you more stuff to deal with once you uncover the rug.”
  • “You don’t have to be perfect. You can go through shit—EVERYONE goes through shit.”
  • “We’re in control of every action we take.”

Mackenzie Puricelli understands what it means to set high expectations for yourself, both internally and externally. As a college cheerleader, she pushed her body to the limit and eventually recognized she had an eating disorder. With the help of professional support, Mackenzie shifted her mindset to overcome her battle with bulimia and binge eating. She now coaches others to live life one step at a time and do what’s best for their unique personal journey.

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