Kenny Pasten is interesting and inspiring

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Kenny Pasten and I met at the Wisdom Tree hike in Hollywood. He was hammering in a light into the ground so it would shine on a gigantic American flag.

His story was immediately interesting to me. He served and fought in Irag and because of that suffers from PTSD.

Upon returning to the states he found the Office of Veteran Affairs ill-equipped to help him has fast as he needed assistance - so he took it upon himself to search for a way to help fend off the nightmares and flashbacks.

He obtained a Belgian Malinois and named him Rexitron (after Voltron from the 80s cartoon.)

Unfortunately since this interview took place Rexitron has passed away making this story even that much more touching.

This man's story is so moving because he is one of thousands who deal with PTSD everyday because of the wars in the Middle East and he is working toward his own recovery daily.

He is currently circulating an online petition at to get permits for his memorial flags, located at four distinct hikes in Los Angeles - Griffith Park Observatory, Hollywood Sign, Wisdom Tree and Runyun Canyon and you can support that petition by clicking here - #RexFlagChallenge petition

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