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LawLytics was founded as a response to Dan’s frustrations with the legal marketing industry — and it’s the dream legal marketing service and system he wished had been available to him. Dan and Engineer Derek Johnson co-founded LawLytics with a simple vision: to empower attorneys to grow their practices without wasting time or money.

Launched in 2012, today LawLytics powers hundreds of the web’s most successful attorney websites and blogs, and our business is doubling each year.

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Show Notes

  • Taking control of legal marketing. Why it's still largely a black box.
  • How Lawlytics works and improves client intake, tracking and cross-marketing for law firms.
  • Dan's entrepreneurial journey in legal tech.
  • What lawyers miss when it comes to marketing.
  • How to tap into an attorneys ability to communicate to improve marketing effectiveness.
  • The most important data points to track for effective legal marketing.
  • On avoiding "vanity metrics."
  • The biggest drivers of engagement (hint: quality over quantity).
  • Tips for generating quality content.
  • Dan on if there's such a thing as too much content.
  • Dan on the effectiveness of social media in driving new business and improving reputation.
  • Lessons from Google Plus.
  • On the usefulness of marketing on Facebook for lawyers.
  • Why the future of law firm marketing looks like the past.
  • Dan's favorite Lawlytics success story.’

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