Jehovah’s Witness Women, Second Class Citizens?


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March is Women’s History Month and this video is dedicated to all of the ladies in the JW and EXJW communities.

Women: Brilliant Minds, but why Second?

This podcast features a variety of women from around the world providing their own perspective on what it was like being a female in the Jehovah’s Witness community. They share their thoughts on what it means to feel like a second-class citizen. They discuss everything from being asked to clean the men’s bathroom and being dismissed by the circuit overseer to being humiliated by the head covering requirement.

Some of the ladies stated that they didn’t even realize they were being treated like a second-class citizen until after they left and began realizing the lunacy of the teachings.

JT & Lady Cee engage in real talk by discussing their own personal issues with how women were treated in the organization. Looking back, JT agrees that the teachings were definitely insane.

Most women in the organization fall in line with the Watchtower’s teachings because they believe it is a commandment from God. They become immune to the mistreatment and their mind adjusts thus allowing them to believe it’s normal.

Featured guests include:

Constance Strickland – The Strickland Chronicles Family

Susan Gaskin –

Melissa – Apt 215

Carrie Bee, Author – Paradise Bound

Monique – Free Monique

Sylviane Nuccio
Living Now

Katja – Living the Second Chance

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