Terror In KY Update: Hopkinsville's Little "Green Men"


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"Exploring the Bizarre" (KCORradio.com) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcomes GERALDINE SUTTON STITH in an historic event! 64 years ago, a rural family in Kentucky found themselves face to face with the unknown. This bizarre encounter brought the Sutton family into the bright spotlight of unwelcome media attention in which they never truly were able to escape. The Sunday of August 21, 1955 has gone down in UFO history as the night of the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter. That night, after a UFO was seen to land behind a nearby barn, a number of strange humanoid creatures spent the night tormenting 11 people cowering in the farmhouse. This week, Geraldine Sutton Stith, will relate what it was like to grow up with the specter of the unknown hanging over her family and how, despite assertions from the skeptics, she knows that something truly frightening happened on that dark night with the family taking pot shots at the creatures who tried to enter their living quarters. This story is one of the most repeated in UFO history -- it is a real classic -- and to have someone on from the actual family is a world exclusive treat! Geraldine is the author of the books "The Kelly Green Men" and "Alien Legacy."

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