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The Carve is a weekly Monster Hunter podcast with the goal of building a fantastic and friendly hunting community. This podcast will focus on news and stories from Monster Hunter: World and any past games like MH4U, MHXX, for example. The Carve was created by SBJ, host/producer of It's Super Effective and Mythical. If you enjoyed the conversations, audio quality, and poor pronunciation on those podcasts, then you should enjoy this podcast too. The Carve is part of the SuperEffective.FM podca ...
Monster Kid Radio
Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, John Agar . . . these are the patron saints of Monster Kid Radio, the Rondo Award-winning podcast celebrating the classic, and sometimes not-co-classic, genre cinema of yesteryear. Your host Derek M. Koch is joined by a special guest each episode to talk about a favorite monster movie; favorite classic actor, actress, or director; or a topic relevant to monster kids of all ages. Framed by mostly-spooky surf music, every episode of Monster Kid Radio is your weekly ...
Monster Attack
“Monster Attack” is a podcast dedicated to old “Monster Movies,” the ones we all grew up with and fell in love with. These are the films that opened up a new world of scary creatures, sci-fi wonders and frightening tales of the supernatural. Former radio personality Jim Adams re-visit a time when radioactive dinosaurs threatened Tokyo, werewolves terrorized the population at large and mad scientists conducted hideous experiments in large mansions.
Monster Man
A show about monsters, because monsters are great.
Boogieman Buddies
Four dinguses play Monster of the Week and maybe some other various tabletop roleplaying games.
Wandering Monster
Monsters are the most fun part of D&D. Every episode Dylan and Tristan determine a monster from the book to discuss at random. When we're ready to move on, we talk about home made monsters or ways to adapt them.
Diving into the contrasts and evolution of monsters between their folklore origins and contemporary depictions in various media. Discussions center on film, video games, and literature.
Here Be Monsters
Collection of radio productions > Here Be Monsters radio / The Sunday Show - Progressive political roundtable talk Outlaw Metaphysica - all manner of Spiritual / paranormal
Human Monsters
These people specialize in the unthinkable.
Monster Jamboree
Eric and Matt talk campy horror movies. Tear them a new one, not to different from the victims in the movie.
New podcast A radio show hosted by Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke of Small Town Monsters focusing on the strange and unusual. Recorded live and re-broadcast on 97.1 FM in Wadsworth, OH.
A podcast all about the spookiness of Theme Parks, Films, and Beyond!
Featured Creatures
The hosts Alan, Alex, and Garrett discuss a new monster each week.
Diana's Monster
Martin Cruise investigates the disappearance of Diana Edith Harris.
Diana's Monster
Martin Cruise investigates the disappearance of Diana Edith Harris.
Monster Madness
Join Erika, Dan & Matt each week as they discuss all sorts of creature features!
Kaiju fans Travis Kirkland and Luca Saitta discuss and joke over the giant monster movies of Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera, and more! New episodes are released once a month.
A family-friendly monster movie podcast. 7-year-old Alistair and CadaverDad Jef Burnham discuss getting cinematically spooked and (in Al's Monster Stampede) how to stay safe should you find yourself trapped in a horror movie!You can support the show by becoming a patron at:! Also, follow us on Twitter (@Cadaver_Cast) and Facebook (@CadaverCast), and subscribe to us on iTunes so you don't ever have to miss an episode! "The coolest, most adorable podcast I've ever heard!" ...
Giant Monster Messages
Hàng tháng+
Podcast where a fan and a first timer find the messages in Giant Monster and kaiju Movies. We cover the history and what happens with King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, and all those other Giant Monsters. Structured format for each episode: History Plot Talking Points Messages Final Thoughts Listener feedback and thoughts
Beyond the Darkness
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Here Be Monsters
An immersive series of audio documentaries that focus on the forgotten corners of our minds. Beautiful sounds and stories that explore fear, curiosity and the unknown. Episode topics include crow death rituals, flesh eating beetles, internet...
Chicago sports talk weekly round up featuring Maniac Mike and Touchdown Charley.
Hello Trash Pandas, Welcome To The Monster Chisme Hours Podcast, we Watch Wrestling and movies and TV shows (MOSTLY WRESTLING) If you want to hear 2 Marks have a conference Call, we Have. A weird sense of humor, ALSO If you like our content subscribe. Descrection is ADVISED. CO-STARRING: DEGENERATE DREW, MADHOUSE ERIK, AND ALSO THE SECRECT SPIDER POET. (Also we have Twitter and instagram)Ig: Madhouse_DegenerateTwitter: @TMCHP01
Monsters Among Us Podcast is a call in show about the unexplained, cryptozoology and the paranormal. Witnesses of bigfoot, sasquatch, ufo's, ghosts and many more call in to share their experiences and encounters.
Night Owls Radio
In celebration of Miss X's 50th year on Earth Oct. 10, 2019, we are giving you 50 horror/monster movies here for one year on Night Owls Radio! Tune in to hear all the best and schlockiest old Horror, Sci fi, and Monster movies!!! This show is dedicated to all the horror hosts that the host grew up watching and, always, for Art Bell. Miss X is the FIRST FEMALE horror host from an area known worldwide for its horror hosts, beginning her show on blogtalkradio in 2008. Opening theme: "Thundersto ...
Here Be Monsters
The Podcast about the Unknown
We Love Monsters
A pop culture & comedy podcast about two friends talking' monsters.
Matt Schaefer & Joelyn Dormady host a weekly podcast that discusses all thing horror. Includes everything from horror movies to creepy pastas. New episodes every Thursday!
Every week a new story. Every episode a new monster.
A podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, urban legends & folklore. But ya know, keeping it light. From bro & sis @TheMythTraveler & @ChillinKristen 💀✨
A podcast dedicated to reviewing and discussing the incredible menagerie that makes up the creature feature / monster movie genre. Each week, Henry the Host is joined by various guests from various backgrounds ranging from the arts, sciences, and the day to day, to watch these movies and discuss the strengths and weakness seen in the class conflict of man vs monster and giving them a letter grade for your listening pleasures! Main Episodes will be released every Friday! Parking Lot episodes ...
Monster X Radio
We talk mostly about Bigfoot encounters and research.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter /
The official home for audio programming from Over The Monster, SB Nation's community for fans of the Boston Red Sox.
Mirths and Monsters
A lighthearted and unique look at the world's myths and monsters.
All My Hexes
All My Hexes is a Monster of the Week actual play podcast that follows four amateur paranormal investigators as they thwart the sinister conspiracies and unearthly horrors of a Texas oil boom town.
A podcast for the morbidly curious. From serial killers to ghosts, ancient curses to obscure medical conditions, let us satisfy your curiosity. (Some episodes may not be appropriate for children. Listener discretion is advised.)
A podcast for & by Kaiju fans. Forged by Coleman & Kyle. Piloted by Kyle, Cameron, Marisa, & Rob. Tune in as we go toe to toe with your favorite giant monsters!
A Monster of the Week real play podcast featuring Jeremy, the Keeper, Lara, the half-ghost half- human 100% teenage girl, Lev, the highly radioactive Divine Messenger, and Ann, the past her prime, redneck, Chosen One.
Release Your Inner Pop Culture Monster!
Your Monday morning current events comedy podcast hosted by comics Raquelle Jason, Jeff May and a weekly guest. It’s mostly jokes and filler.
Monster Producer
Everyone Needs a Coach in Life
Be sure to check out The Vault Of Startling Monster Horror Tales Of Terror's Amazon List! You can find all of the movies and books we discussed on the show in one easy to find location! Just click here:
Myth, history, human psyche, crunchy numbers and bad improv: these are the tools Chris and Wes use every week to dredge meaning and knowledge from every page of the Dungeons and Dragons official Monster Manual, all to help you run the most memorable game sessions ever.
Monster RX93.1 is Manila's Hottest Pop Station! Renowned for the best programs and the best jocks, RX is the leading upscale Contemporary Hits Radio station based in Metro Manila with the awards and surveys to back it up!
You Wanted The Best. You Got The Best!The Monsters in the Morning is a talk radio show on WTKS-FM Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, Florida, USA and iHeartRadio.
From Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks, 'Monster: The Zodiac Killer' dives into one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in history. Despite sketches, cyphers and taunting letters to the press, the question still remains: who is the Zodiac? While you're here, don't forget to listen to Season 1, 'Atlanta Monster', which tells the true story of one of Atlanta’s darkest secrets, almost 40 years later.
The Monster Under the Bed podcast takes fears and myths that are common in our society and busts them wide open. From how hospitals operate on you to where you choose to live, each episode fights one imaginary monster under the bed and wins the battle for a more rational way of doing things that’s better for our economy and better for our society. We’ll show you how to keep safe from cybercrime, why you should live in the city and stop dreaming about country life, and we’ll help you to stop ...
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Your Favorite Monsters is a podcast about Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc. as watched by two friends: Betsy has never watched it before, and Blake has seen all of them. But they do have one thing in common! They are both major nerds when it comes to facts about monsters, movies, comics, legends, and all sorta of other things weird and spooky. And this incarnation of Scooby Doo has plenty of references to all sorts of media and mythology. So pull up your favorite listening device, and be sure to chec ...
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show series
It's a folklore-heavy episode today as we deal with a jovial dancing sprite and a mighty sea beast! If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities! Thanks to Ray Otus for our thumbnail image. The intro music is a clip from "Solve ...…
Mark Maddox joins Jim for the podcast's first "Rag-o-Rama" feature in looking at 1971's "Dracula vs Frankenstein," starring Lon Chaney Jr., J. Carrol Nash, Regina Carroll, Zandor Vorkov, Russ Tamblyn, Jim Davis and directed by Al Adamson. Count Dracula forces Dr. Frankenstein, who is living in a Venice Beach Scare House, to reanimate the Franke ...…
MONDAY - Who's the new voice. Germs. Ryan gets torched. Whats open. Triggered much? Carlos weekend. 6 Things: Building collapse in N.O. Monster Sports. RRR - Horror franchise with most nudity? Russ and Ryan settle up on bet. Steven Kramer in studio. To The Top with Carlos - Breaking Records. BOSS Babes in studio. The El Camino.…
Join us on the trail of UFOs! Monsteropolis is the official podcast of Small Town Monsters hosted by Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke. You can now view/listen to episodes of Monsteropolis via the official Small Town Monsters YouTube channel! Find Monsteropolis on nearly all social media platforms!Facebook is is @ ...…
Cowabunga! It's Travis' birthday once again on MONSTER ISLAND COMMENTARIES, and him & Luana celebrate with another b-day bonus episode with 1991's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE! They talk about the quick turnaround between TMNT movies, their ideas for a new Turtles film, the career high points of Vanilla Ice, the dark ...…
The Morning Rush Episode - October 14, 2019By (RX93.1).
In this episode of Monster Under the Bed, we bust the ‘you are what you know’ education myth and discover that, in fact, you are the things you know how to do In the grim Victorian building where I went to school, we learned everything by rote. It worked out okay for me. But the focus at the school my kids attend doesn’t seem to be on cramming ...…
Season 1 - Universal Monster Movies and their Modern Counterparts! -- Dan, Erika & Matt discuss 1931's Frankenstein. It appears that Erika is the only one with a soul in this episode as she expresses sympathy for the monsters while her co-hosts are heartless bastards. -- Links: Twitter: @monstermadpod Instagram: @monstermadnesspod Facebook: htt ...…
Hey Monday! New SYMPATHETIC MONSTERS podcast is up NOW! Get it while it’s hot! This week hosts Raquelle (@RaquelleJason) and Jess (@McJesssandwich) are not the only ladies being made wildly uncomfortable by Joe Biden’s patronizing treatment of women which leads to a rabbit hole of THE BIGGEST THING IN GAY RIGHTS HISTORY THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOU ...…
Half A Century on Planet Earth?! WOAH!!! We begin the celebration with the creepy 1964 film "Spider Baby", about some weird woman who thinks she is a spider and imitates their behavior- including spinning a Web- whilst kept in an old, huge house. This is the first in the 50-movies-in-one year Celebration of Miss X's 50th year on Earth, beginnin ...…
Monster X welcomes sasquatch investigator Chris Spencer to the show to discuss long term audio placement in the field, as well as the use of pheremone chips. What exactly is a pheremone chip? Are pheremone chips all that they are cracked up to be? Can they possibly yield results and what pheremones are in use? Shane sits down with Chris to disc ...…
We talk about Kua Toa, the tiny fish race of humanoids that live in the under dark and can create their own gods from their own belief. We then talk about Hobgoblins, the lawful evil race of goblinoids and ways you can use them aside from commanding the less intelligent goblinoid races. Dylan has a potion seller who sells the party defunct poti ...…
Leonard and Dave wrap up coverage of Melvina's Therapy, with The End of... This episode is brought to you by the letter G, for Gyūki. Links: Melvina's Therapy - The End of... Gyūki / Ushi-oni Contact: @Drfaustisdead @night_twitten @sentionaut_plusBy Dave Cox.
7-year-old Professor of Monsterdom Al teaches you how to recognize and defend yourself against haunted houses, should you ever find yourself trapped in a horror movie this Halloween season! So listen in, critters and creeps, for potentially life-saving tips on dealing with ghosts, spooks, and specters of house-based variety.You can support Cada ...…
For our second week of V.ampires, W.erewolves, G.houls and Z.ombies focuses on the Werewolf aspect of October with reviewing the 2002 DOG SOLDIERS! Henry the Host is joined by horror article writer Bryan and his daughter Izzy as we discuss what a twelve year old girl views as one of the best werewolf movies, even going to far to say one of the ...…
Not alot on this flesh golem, so we just talk about Frankenstein Monsters in general Reach us at Twitter,Facebook,InstagramOr Email us our Twitchour Patreonout ShopBy Featured Creatures.
Monster Kid Radio has been tackling some 1970s monster movies lately, and since Derek misses the bonafide classics, it's time to howl at the moon with Stephen D. Sullivan as they discuss The Wolf Man (dir. George Waggner). One of the icons of classic Universal monsters, Lon Chaney's portrayal of Larry Talbot is affecting and effecting, and Stev ...…
Cash Landrum UFO Incident - Rob's Song a Week Patreon - Jeff UFO photo 1 - Jeff UFO photo 2 - https:/ ...…
New room stuff, fixes to Guiding Lands, and Rajang all shows up for the first FREE content update to Monster Hunter World Iceborne! We talk about the radial menu some more, some paid decorations for your room, and the Resident Evil stuff also coming to the game. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:40 - Resident Evil 00:13:50 - Free Update, Including ...…
MKE Halloween party info ▶ Spooky season keeps on rolling as Matt Schaefer & Joelyn Dormady fire up another edition of Monsters at Midnight. On this week's episode, the gang is joined by Drag Queen Sylvia Nyxx to discuss topics such as movies that describe your persona & more. This & more on the internet's favorite horror ...…
The Twenty Percent True Podcast Season 5: Monster of the Week Episode 8: Worm Day For more: Background Information The blog: Twenty Percent True Twitter: @CaryAndTheHits Facebook: Music by KomikuBy Carolyn Rahaman.
Giant Monster Messages: Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) Taylor is asking for a lot of listener corrections in our episode for the 1966 film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Also, Joshua proves that the Condor isn't the worst kaiju. Time 01:34 History 12:14 Plot 17:25 Talking Points 26:49 Messages 30:52 Final Thoughts 32:24 Listener Feedback Contac ...…
The gang tests to see if drugs are actually the answer after all! Spoilers: they are not. Then, our heroes finally encounter the mysterious Sasha Moore! Will all be resolved by rational discourse? Surely non of this could lead to anyone being shot!By Monster of the Geek.
We have been invaded while we are on a construction 🚧 hiatus. Listen as we Review more power rangers episode. Rita repulsa has taken over this episode. Will The Spooky Macho Battle Royale continue.? Can Drew And Erik survive, and defeat Rita Repulsa And Her posse? Tune In and find out!
We're in the final run now! Under the streets of Crystal Cove, the Scooby Gang is fighting for the lives of the town against Professor Pericles and his German Death Robots! Join Betsy and Blake, your Favorite Monsters, as they hide in the rubble, and find the best vantage point on the opening of the Gates of Gloom!…
Hey there! Is someone having a complete meltdown in your life?... next door?... in the next cubicle?... or maybe in the news? And is it contagious? Tune in tonight to COME NOW, DON'T SULK, our live podcast! Monday, Oct. 7th, at 8pm EDT (7CDT or your time zone equivalent) and you can call in too and chat with Sybil! (323-784-9639) Here's the lin ...…
Few women are safe from sexual assault in South Africa, regardless of their age, and little is being done about it.By True crime you'll wish was from fiction..
Eric is back! And so is the argumentative banter between him and Matt as they try to sort of talk about It 2. The movie doesn't get a full break down, but the movie as a whole gets a lot of points brought it. Tune in and listen! For Live Show Dates Go To: Email us stuff: punandga ...…
Angels saved Here Be Monsters’ host Jeff Emtman once. They picked him up and took care of him after a bad bike crash. It was just one of many times that Jeff felt watched over by God. Jeff used to think he might be a pastor someday. And so, as a teenager, he made an active effort to orient his thoughts and deeds towards what God wanted. In this ...…
First of a two parter exploring the legend of the jersey devil. Is there more to it than history reveals...? Promo from @3spookedgirls Artwork from the ever brilliant @graceduncan For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Alexander Carter visits The Man in the Smoking Jacket.
In Episode 135 of “Over The Monster Podcast”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Keaton DeRocher (@TheSpokenKeats) discuss the latest Red Sox news. Topics include: A season postmortem Discuss the recent comments from the front office The GM search 2020 roster talk Listener Questions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
In what is sadly our last episode for a while, Mattie and Cady breakdown the amazingly epic puppet fantasy The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance! and boy howdy, DARK Crystal is right...By We Love Monsters Podcast.
After being awakened by aliens, a huge dinosaur 50 times bigger than T-Rex starts rampaging through Los Angeles (though it may look like Seoul sometimes) and the Tokyo Lives Crew must attempt to stop it. SHOWNOTES Battle at Big Rock! (7:24) There’s an eight minute Jurassic World short and it’s pretty fantastic! Gridman Blu-ray? (14:08) Rumors o ...…
The Vault crew ( Luke and Jason Jaconetti - Chris Tyler and Honeywell) go back to camp with this HORROR RACK HANGER-ON - 1983's SLEEPAWAY CAMP! If you thought M. Night Shamalamalamalama is the master of the twist ending - THEN YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE! This movie has it all - acting from a John Waters movie - unintentional (?) subtext, invis ...…
Oh no! There he is… He’s right there! Thats him! Oh no... Thats gotta be him. He’s right at the register asking about a fucking coupon! What to do…? Bail out? Enter another line? Run? No, you can’t run. You’ve committed to the line. Your locked in. There’s no where to go. Its over for you… It’s only a matter of time till he recognizes you and t ...…
From the producers of "Up and Vanished" and "To Live and Die in LA" comes a new investigative true crime podcast. In 2014, the Andreacchio family suffered a tragic loss, the mysterious death of 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio. A mere 45-minute investigation ruled his death a suicide, but overwhelming evidence points to murder. Despite road bl ...…
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