Tie Me UFO Down Sport -- Live From Australian Outback


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Exploring The Bizarre (KCORradio.com) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcomes from Australia SHERYL GOTTSHAL -- Sheryl was born in Brisbane, Australia but at an early age lived on a cattle station in country Queensland, where as a child she often looked at the stars and wondered if there was other life in the universe. In her teenage years she developed an interest in the paranormal and in 1988 she became an active UFO investigator for the Brisbane-based organisation, UFO Research Queensland (UFORQ) and has since held two terms as president for a total of 24 years. Soon after joining UFORQ, Sheryl had her own close encounter with the commonly described “grey aliens” appearing to her in her home. This was followed by the development of a serious ten year illness during which time she experienced a near death experience (NDE), out of body experiences (OBE) and other mystical, paranormal and psychic phenomena. Her quest for what was happening to her, led her on the path to shamanism and the understanding that these events were an invitation, but more importantly, an initiation into other realms populated by a variety of beings. Her personal experiences catapulted her into the world of shamanism and she now uses and teaches shamanic practices. In 1992 Sheryl also established the first close encounter support group in Brisbane after Budd Hopkins spoke in Brisbane for the first time at a conference. Sheryl is a regular writer for the Australian bi-monthly publication UFO Encounter, and the UFO Truth Magazine published in the UK by Gary Heseltine. She also co-hosts the weekly radio show Strange Encounters and co-hosts Strange Encounters Downunder zoomcasts with author and contactee, Suzy Hansen. http://uforq.asn.au/

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