Daniel Ricciardo: not done with F1


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He won’t be racing in 2023, but Daniel Ricciardo is thinking further ahead. Why is returning to Red Bull as Third Driver the best thing for a driver with 8 Grand Prix wins to his name? In this in-depth interview with Tom Clarkson, Daniel explores his decision to spend a season off the track and how he hopes it will boost his career and life outside racing. ‘I don’t feel completely done’, he says of his future in F1. ‘I think I’ll want to get back on the grid, but time will tell’. Daniel reflects on why he left Red Bull in 2018, details his struggles at McLaren and explains how age, pressure, confidence and rest affect his performance. He also lays out his to-do list for his year time from racing, including a very big ride on a very small motorbike…
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