Indian Matchmaking (Netflix) - Recap with Dillon Patel (@dillonpatelme)


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Follow @neilkpatel on Instagram [This podcast is sponsored by @nosharammerch] 0:00 - Let’s review the Netflix hit show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ 1:00 - Why hasn’t Family Karma been distributed to India yet? 1:30 - All our COVID predictions came true. Neil got COVID in April 2019 which is wild 2:30 - Neil was in Indian Matchmaking about 12 years ago 4:00 - Akshay has the emotional maturity of a middle schooler 6:00 - Hi, I’m Seema from Mumbai. 9:00 - We are from Donald Trump’s India 16:30 - Indians discriminate on so many different levels 17:30 - Nadia would not date Neil 18:00 - What kind of name is Vinny? 20:00 - Dillon hates horoscopes 21:00 - All happiness goes away post-Wedding - PWAP 23:30 - Let us know if you want us to summarize each episode

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