Baya Voce on the Cure for the Loneliness Epidemic


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Baya Voce has produced “magic touch” experiences ranging from two-person rituals to elaborate 1,000+-person immersive-theater productions. Whether 20-person Jeffersonian-style dinners or high-end finance conferences at Lincoln Center (and everything in between), Baya’s focus is engineering unforgettable moments.

With more than 4 million views, her TEDx talk on loneliness is one of the most-viewed of all time. She has been featured by Forbes, ABC, Fox, MTV, and SXSW for her perspective on experience design and human connection.

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In this episode Baya and I discuss:

  • How being on the Real World flung Baya into a canyon of loneliness
  • What advice Baya would give her 21-year-old Real World self
  • The invisible public health crisis Baya is happy to see getting more attention
  • How feeling alone at gatherings led Baya to a career in experience design
  • What business event planners get wrong
  • How Baya cultivates a high emotional response from her guests in designing experiences
  • The importance of turning your event into a story
  • What you should think about if you’re moving your real world event online

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