Episode 40 - BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)


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With its last episode recently broadcast on Netflix, the web television series BoJack Horseman (Raphael Bob-Waksberg, 2014-2020) provides a timely and topical subject for Episode 40. Join Chris and Alex as they take a canter through the programme’s status as ‘adult animation’ (and what this term might mean as a label); the dark truth of its themes of narcissism, depression and self-destructive behaviour; how its shifting chronology and narrative ellipses places BoJack Horseman within contemporary Hollywood ‘puzzle film’ storytelling traditions; its complex anthropomorphic register and cartoonal forms of representation; and how BoJack Horseman’s ensemble cast navigates modes of cross-species sexuality at the same time as it collectively disavows any presence of a concrete moral centre.

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