Fatwa - Sheikh Souleymane Sore ' فتاوى الشيخ سليمان صوري explicit


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Cette page est compétente pour améliorer la fataawa al-Sheikh Souleymane sore de ma Faq est supérieure à partir du centre de l'sheikh Suleiman mes photos Sheikh Suleiman Sore : Ibn Alhaji Abdullah Sore Muslim Sufi Tijani respecting the opinion of every Muslim. The Sheikh was born on 5/5 /1977 in the village of Sham, the state of Bobo Delasso. Then Sheikh take a lesson from his father Alhaji Khalid Sore, Sheikh travel through Burkina Faso for a knowledge, from there Sheikh traveled to Niger and Nigeria for learning , learning , and learn from many sheikhs and wrote many books, some of the bo

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