Episode 3: Walter Deemer, CMT


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As exchanges handle nearly 17 billion shares a day, the VIX remains elevated and intermittently spikes, market breadth surges to include cyclical sectors and small-cap stocks, and the S&P maintains a choppy advance all within 5% of all-time highs, Walter Deemer shares his current and historical view over more than 50 years on Wall St. on the latest installment of Fill the Gap.

Walter’s endless wit was perhaps perfected in the crucible of Wall St. institutions such as Bob Farrell’s market research group at Merrill Lynch, Jerry Tsai’s Manhattan Fund through the “go-go” years, at Putnam Investments in Boston or during the nearly 40 years he spent advising institutional money managers as an independent technical analyst.

As we investors attempt to navigate the markets during a period of excessive speculation in 2021, Walter Deemer’s perspective is invaluable. Listen for the laughs and the lessons as Walter discusses what has changed about market breadth signals, what follows periods of excessive speculation, the emotional state required of investors, and his contributions as a founding member and past president of the CMT Association.

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