Episode 4: Jeff deGraaf, CMT, CFA


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As the discipline of technical analysis has evolved so have the practitioners. Episode #4 of Fill the Gap features one of Wall Street’s current icons of market research – Jeff deGraaf, CMT, CFA who is the founder and Chairman of Renaissance Macro Research LLC. In this interview, Jeff dives deep into the quantifiable data-driven approach he and the RenMac team leverage towards understanding markets. Jeff reveals some of the spurious pitfalls of data science, how RenMac separates signal from noise, and why their team always returns to price before making any investment recommendation.

Jeff has been one of Wall Street’s most influential macro-based analysts over the last 20-years, consistently ranked by I.I. magazine since 2002, and a member of Institutional Investor’s exclusive Research Hall of Fame. Prior to founding RenMac, Jeff cut his teeth at Merrill Lynch in the 1990s, then Lehman Brothers for 10 years where he served on the firm’s investment policy committee as a Managing Director. In early 2007, Jeff moved to ISI as an Executive Managing Director, also serving on the firm’s management committee and heading the firm’s investment policy committee.

This podcast refers to several important charts which reflect the work of Jeff’s team. To better understand the concepts covered it is recommended that you download the chart pack using this link: go.cmtassociation.org/ftge4

If you’d like to go deeper there are several video clips to help guide your experience using the same link: go.cmtassociation.org/ftge4

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