Episode 7: Andreas Clenow, CMT


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Chief Investment Officer of Zurich-based Acies Asset Management, critically acclaimed author, and systematic trend-following expert Andreas Clenow, CMT brings decades of asset management experience to the podcast this month. Episode #7 of Fill the Gap focuses on the process and precision of strategy development and so much more.
Challenging the very definitions of commonly held terms in the investment industry, Andreas brought wit and candor to this interview while engaging honestly with the debate around systematic vs discretionary money management. We encourage all of our listeners to check their assumptions as Andreas helped define these approaches through terms such as mechanical and unsupervised.
Digging into the common pitfalls of the business, Andreas spoke authentically about lessons he has learned personally as a trader, fund manager, strategy developer, and allocator of hedge funds across all asset classes. Perhaps most important for listeners this month is the concept that managers will inevitably find periods where their strategy is out of style with the market, but as Andreas says “You can lose money by following your rules, or by breaking your rules. One is just much easier to explain to investors.”
A lifelong learner and investigator of markets, Andreas is forever exploring new concepts and approaches. Have you ever built a trading strategy completely void of historical price data? Want to better understand the commercial business of trading strategies as product development? Longing to read a novelized account of the dark underbelly of Swiss financiers? We explore all of this and more with Andreas Clenow, CMT in episode #7 of Fill the Gap!
To better understand the concepts covered, we recommend reviewing the supplemental resources accompanying this episode using this link: go.cmtassociation.org/ftge7

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