Episode 8: Pamela Yoon, CMT


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The August episode of Fill the Gap shines a light on the vitality of technical analysis not often on display in broader financial media. Learn how client advisors use technical analysis to improve portfolio risk management, strengthen the investment process and supplement client education in this engaging conversation with Pamela Yoon, CMT, CIM, Vice-President & Portfolio Manager at RBC Dominion Securities in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

An investment management veteran with 28 years of experience, Pam has guided a wide range of investors through many bull and bear markets. We discuss her process in detail to better understand how she manages concentrated, high-conviction global portfolios, while always controlling risk . As a tactical portfolio manager, Pam blends a unique mix of technical tools and analytical methods into her process. The conversation also touches on how cognitive neuroscience literature relates directly to the contrarian positioning often required by disciplined active managers who respond to the evidence of market price.

To see Pam’s favorite chart that appears in every new client meeting, and learn more about this month’s guest, we recommend reviewing the supplemental resources accompanying this episode using this link: go.cmtassociation.org/ftge8.

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