Three Lines of Defense: Can Technology Help?


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The buzz: Three. Your company may have already implemented, at least partially, a Three Lines of Defense model. But when faced with technological challenges such as getting the most effective tools, or integrating different systems, the process can be time-consuming and reactive rather than optimized and proactive. Key questions you may ask: How can risk management activities coalesce into a cohesive assurance program within the wider system of internal control? How can you leverage technology to establish a Three Lines of Defense model that delivers sound assurance supported by continuous auditing? The experts speak. Ganesh Ram, PwC: “Do. Or do not. There is no try” (Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back) Kevin D. Heckel, Deloitte: “Managing the risks we face today requires layer solutions including security, vigilance and resiliency.” Jérôme Pugnet, SAP: “the term ‘Three Lines of Defense’ appears to come from medical research.” Join us for Three Lines of Defense: Can Technology Help?

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