53. The Timeline One ft. Laura Behnke


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It’s official – Ali & Roark celebrate one year of podcasting! And funnily enough, their guest this week joins the podcast to talk all about time. Well, timelines, really. Laura Behnke didn’t have a relationship until she was 35, and she comes on the pod to say “who cares” to following anyone’s timeline but your own. The three discuss embracing your life without a partner, being fully yourself on dates, and much more! Before that, Ali shares a recent first date and a couple phone-throwing moments, and Roark is having fun with a new dating mindset.

Timestamps: Laura Behnke joins the podcast for Weird or Nah and Topic Talk at around 19:35

Where to find Laura: her website https://www.thelifeactuallycompany.com/about and on Instagram @laurabbehnke

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